Natural Fiction Circus (2009)

Glør, a football-fan and flag-collector, loves romance and obsessively scours the glossy magazines for wedding pictures. Gunn Kristin is a bad troll who sings and dances around a campfire in the woods. Stig has to work, but he’s actually dreaming of sailing the seas. They are just three of the characters of Natural Fiction Circus, a multi-media performance with a group of inhabitants from Vidaråsen Landsby, about dreams of life and fictions of daily living.

Vidaråsen Landsby in the south of Norway is one of the worldwide known Camphill Villages, a community for adults with developmental disabilities. Initiated by the international performance-collective Banality Dreams, in spring 2009 a group of 9 artists from different disciplines and 11 disabled actors from Vidaråsen Landsby came together in a dialogue to open new perspectives on art and on life.

The Authentic Boys created the videos that were integrated in the performances, as presented in Tønsberg (N) and Berlin (D) in May and October 2009. On other occasions the work was presented as a multi-channel video-installation.


the Village

[vimeo 10331909]

the Fan

[vimeo 5272229]

the Cowboy

[vimeo 10350864]

the Cat

[vimeo 10295723]

the Troll

[vimeo 5270057]


[vimeo 10325524]

the Sailor

[vimeo 10325829]


[vimeo 10294779]

Image: Colour – 16:9 anamorphic
Sound: Stereo
Banality Dreams / Authentic Boys production in co-production with Vidaråsen Landsby

The Fan: Glør Bjørvik
The Cowboy: Morten Venberg
The Troll: Gunn Kristin Sanner
The Sailor: Stig Anderson

Idea / Concept: Banality Dreams
Production: Signe Holtsmark / Raliza Nikolowa
Camera: Boris van Hoof / Aaike Stuart / Johannes Dullin
Editing / Postproduction: Aaike Stuart
Typography: Kleon Medugorac
Costumes: Johannes Dullin / Signe Holtsmark
Music: Le temps de l’amour by Françoise Hardy, Homemix by Any, Love me tender by Elvis (adapted and performed by Eli Hartmann and Any)

Funded by: Norsk Kulturråd, Vestfold Fylkeskommune, Vidaråsen Landsby Pårørende Fond, Andebu Sparebank.