Happyland (2014)


Happyland evokes visions of paradise found, of a wonderful place drenched in joy. Through five groups of travelers in five versions of contemporary promised lands, the work probes the depths beyond the glossy surface of vacationing. Martyrs, folklorists, enlightened, idealists and devoted, Authentic Boys dove into these characters from touristic subcultures, literally following in their footsteps to create a fiction of holiday bliss.

In the video installation, projections and monitors are integrated in spacial scenographies, which can, in the tradition of holiday fairs, be entered by the visitor. The subtle soundtrack of each video contributes to a common, musical landscape in the space.

Happyland premiered in the summer of 2014 at Bâtiment d’Art Contemporain in Geneva and ran six weeks. In the summer of 2016, Happyland was presented at Tent Rotterdam. On both occasions, the exhibition included a series of events, like guided tours through the city and holiday-slide-nights.


Geneva 2014

Geneva 2014

Geneva 2014

Geneva 2014

Rotterdam 2016 (photo: Aad Hoogendoorn)

Rotterdam 2016 (photo: Aad Hoogendoorn)

Rotterdam 2016 (photo: Aad Hoogendoorn)

Rotterdam 2016 (photo: Aad Hoogendoorn)

Rotterdam 2016 (photo: Aad Hoogendoorn)

A work by and with: Authentic Boys
Aaike Stuart, Boris van Hoof, Gregory Stauffer

Production CH: Association ideal-b / Gwenaël Grossfeld
Production NL: Stichting Authentic Boys
Graphic design / website: Alex W. Dujet
Fundraising CH: Anne Hartmann

Camera: Alexandre Morel, Jessica van Rüschen
Sound recording: Bart Jilesen, Gwennael Bolomey
Sound mixing: Bart Jilesen
Voice recording, mixing: Ariel Garcia
Voice over: Julian Hackenberg, Gregory Stauffer, Claudia Vogel, Daniela Kohl, Vava Dudu, Gwen Chan
Costumes and props: Irene Schlatter, Gianni Naegeli, Sylvia Faleni
Hair and make-up: Julie Duriaux, Irene Schlatter
Visual corrections, grading: Barend Onneweer
Assistance: Gianni Naegeli

Construction support: Krijn Peters, Thomas Orr, Sebastiaan Verhees, Michiel Janssen, Wendy Volmeer, Charlie Zwart
Paintings: Jérôme Stünzi, Sebastiaan Verhees

Exhibition Geneva
Communication: Cécile Simonet
Mediation: Hélène Mateev
Construction support: Alice Berger
Light: Vincent Bertholet
Sound: Bart Jilesen
Vernissage curator: Johannes Dullin
Introductory text: Cécile Simonet
Folder text: Hélène Mateev / Cécile Simonet

Exhibition Rotterdam
Curation: Jesse van Oosten
Production, communication, construction support: TENT Rotterdam

Supported by
Fonds municipal d’art contemporain, Genève
Mondriaan Fonds, Amsterdam
Loterie Romande, Genève
Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain, Genève
Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Zug
Migros pour-cent culturel, Genève

Events & mediation
Pro Helvetia, Fondation suisse pour la culture

Thank you
Madeleine Amsler
Richard Le Quellec
Johannes Dullin
Marius Schaffter
Maud Le Monnier
Peter Bijl
Laurent Cornu
Yves Alain Cornu
René Dingelstad
Jillis Schriel
Karine Tissot
Stefanie Lang
Mathias Schaeren
Jacques & Annie Morel
Robin & Dunja Stanic
Leon Kadi
Martin Camenisch
Chloé Hügli
Delphine Depres
Bastien Gachet
Ysaline Rochat
Nicholas Stücklin
Oya Kozacioglu
Anja Vogel
Anne Hirth
Tarik Hayward
Sophie Ballmer
Barbara Generelli
Lise Schaeren Decollogny
Nicolas De Gregorio
Diane Baud
Mamco construction team
Lac souterrain de St-Léonard, Cédric Savioz|
Glockenladen, Michael Metzler
Jacques Optique
Visual Rental
Théâtre de l’Usine
New Rock, Lorenzo Gottardi
Mountain Hardwear, Marscha Aaldering
Altimum SA, Fred Salamin
Glacier 3000, Peter Lorenz & Claudia von Siebenthal
FSCMA, M. Hofer
Marchingband Victory Den Haag
Jeunesse de Mont s/ Rolle, Sébastien Albier
Passe Montagne
Green me 5, Guillaume Gicquiau
Sébastien Theisen
Percuvision, Nicolas Curti
Chantier naval Reymond Sàrl
Commune de Vuiteboeuf
Palexpo, Yann Forest-Dodelin & Jean-Luc Persoz