GO HOME (2010)

At the request of gallery TENT.Rotterdam the Authentic Boys developed a six hour lasting performance especially for the Rotterdam museum night 2010. Anticipating on that week’s council elections and the current exhibition “The people united will never be defeated” in which the relationship between art and politics was held in a critical light, the Authentic Boys with GO HOME, pointed at the phenomenon of political (anti-) campaigning in a very own way.

Churman Chirino
Catarina Aimee Dahms
Johannes Dullin
Boris van Hoof
Signe Holtsmark
Pim van Lonkhuizen
Jan Misker
Marcella Moret
Beke Olyrhook
Nina Pigné
Sander Smit
Gregory Stauffer
Aaike Stuart
Antoinne Zivelonghi
Jessica van Rueschen
Wikke van Houwelingen


In cooperation with Wikke van Houwelingen
Publicity photo: Aad Hoogendoorn
Performance photos: Aad Hoogendoorn and Fred Ernst


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